Imagine being able to connect with the divine words of Allah directly in Arabic,
without the hassle of learning technical grammar!

Well, with QuranIntuitive, now you can!


Understand Any Page of the Quran Directly in Arabic

Without ANY Technical Grammar

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What people say

for the first time ever, I'm actually able to understand a decent amount of the recitation,
and it brings tears to my eyes each time.”

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Experience a True Transformation with a method that really works

Secret #1:

The intuitive and easy way to connect with the meaning of what you are reading in the Quran directly in Arabic... even if you’ve tried Quranic Arabic classes before without success - it’s not your fault - there is a more natural, proven way

Secret #2:

The single biggest psychological barrier preventing you from 
truly connecting as you read or recite the Quran in Arabic… and how to overcome it regardless of your language skills and aptitudes

Secret #3:

How to experience
a strong emotional connection
with the message of the Quran

that puts baraka in your time
instead of consuming it

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