Quran Intuitive

The tools to intuitively, naturally understand the Quran as you read it in Arabic and develop an organic heartfelt connection with the message from your Creator.

What does that mean?

What are those tools... ?
What is it about those tools that makes it Intuitive?
What does Intuitive Learning mean anyway?

Have you ever heard the phrase "feel the language" ?
That is what Intuitive Learning is all about. A child at 4 years old can understand his mom; he knows the language his mom is speaking intuitively. He can't explain why things mean what they mean, he just knows! He knows what his mom means because he can feel the language. He learned his mother's language intuitively.

Quran Intuitive is all about reproducing that kind of learning experience with the meaning of the Quran. We don't want you to study Arabic or understand grammar, we want you to feel the meaning of the Quran directly in Arabic.

With just a handful of simple tools, you will achieve that heartfelt connection with the Quran directly in Arabic as long as you maintain a daily practice of mindful recitation of the surahs you are able to read fluently.

Learn the meaning of the Quran Intuitively

Ustadh Michael shares a bit of his journey that led him to bring to you the Quran Intuitive method.