BOND with the Quran

Understand Any Page of the Quran Directly in Arabic

Without Any Technical Grammar

Class in-person at
Islamic Center of Wylie 

6:30pm to 9:45pm
Wednesday - Sunday
April 17-21  


the Intuitive method


is all about helping you

  • develop an organic connection  with the Quran

  • feel its meaning instinctively - intuitively.

Experience a True Transformation with a method that really works

Secret #1:

The intuitive and easy way to connect with the meaning of what you are reading in the Quran directly in Arabic... even if you’ve tried Quranic Arabic classes before without success - it’s not your fault - there is a more natural, proven way

Secret #2:

The single biggest psychological barrier preventing you from 
truly connecting as you read or recite the Quran in Arabic… and how to overcome it regardless of your language skills and aptitudes

Secret #3:

How to experience
a strong emotional connection
with the message of the Quran

that puts baraka in your time
instead of consuming it

What people say

for the first time ever, I'm actually able to understand a decent amount of the recitation,
and it brings tears to my eyes each time.”

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Is this for you?

  • Can you read the Quran but not understand it?
  • Are you ready to take 2-5 minutes after praying salah to check the meaning of the surahs you recited/heard?
  • Do you want those 2-5 minutes to be the building blocks for a lifetime of understanding the Quran as you listen to it?
  • Are you looking for a more comprehensive learning tool than just looking in your Quran translation?
  • Who will get the immense reward of teaching your kids the meaning of the Quran? Do you want that to be you?

If yes, then this program may be right for you.

The Quran Intuitive Method in brief

This Workshop Includes

» High Quality In-Person Teaching for Ideal Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Learning  

12 hours of high quality teaching by yours truly, Ust Michael.

After covering the last 10 shortest surahs of the Quran, I help students go over another 7 surahs on their own in groups. 

» Access to Pre-recorded videos: 

Access the recordings at anytime through the Quran Intuitive platform 

» Quran Intuitive Reference sheets

Even after looking at the directions ahead of time, it's good to look at the GPS periodically along the way.

» Quran Intuitive Workbook

Handwritten notes are few but they are at the core of the intuitive method for Quran.

Printed booklet included in the enrollment fee

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My Color Coded Juz Amma Reader

This PDF is all you need to train your brain to feel the language directly in Arabic with simple but powerful color-coding.  

What Makes Quran Intuitive Unique

Technique  #1:

Intuitive Word Connection
Only focus on the easy words and learn them intuitively by connecting them in the context of other short surahs and their powerful message... 
a smart choice of words combined with an emotional connection,
the words come alive instead of simply being data.

Technique  #2:

Intuitive translation

This is where you get
all the language tools and skills you need
to connect with the message of Allah... 
without any intensive grammar,

just symbols and visual tools to see sentences come together naturally

Technique  #3:

Heartfelt connection with the message 

It is Allah in His infinite wisdom who has chosen the topics to put in the short surahs for you...
their relevance to our life is beyond our imagination, 
this is the punch of this program, you'll be amazed by the Quran !

Meet Your Instructor

Michael Wolfender

Ḥāfiẓ Michael has helped teenagers and adults reach stunning achievements in Quran understanding, memorization and internalization.

He has taught full time in Good Tree Academy since 2013 students ranging from 1st grade to 12th, and has also taught mixed groups of adults and teens for local masajid since 2015 in the format of year-long continuous classes meeting 2-4 times a week.

Ḥāfiẓ Michael currently continues to teach at Good Tree Academy in Plano TX and is pursuing a higher education in Islamic Studies.

Michael has authored the Arabic curriculum for Quran comprehension at the elementary level for Good Tree Academy and has now founded Quran Intuitive to expand the reach of his powerful method of intuitive learning. Finally,

Ḥāfiẓ Michael is a husband and father, passionate about adopting healthy organic foods and functional medicine for his family, and who loves (playing but not watching) Ultimate Frisbee and some Basketball.

Three options to enroll in the Course

Enroll One

Age 13 or above 

  • Children under 13 attend for free under your supervision 
  • Printed book included (you can buy an extra book in-person for $25)
One Person $100

Family of 2

Age 13 or above

  • Children under 13 attend for free under your supervision
  • 2 Printed books (you can buy extra books in person for $25 each)
Two Family Members $150

Family of 3 or more 

Age 13 or above

  • Children under 13 attend for free under your supervision
  • 3 Printed books (you can buy extra books in person for $25 each)
One Family $200

The Quran Intuitive Guarantee​

I truly think this is going to be life-changing for you and your Quran, so I’m inviting you to enroll RISK-FREE. 

Sign up today, if you don’t like it for ANY REASON, just let us know 
after the first session, and we’ll give you a full refund.

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